Snow Storm on the Farm

The animals, for the most part did not mind the 8+ inches of snow that fell yesterday.

Two female Mallards and one female White Runner duck.

Two female Mallards and one female White Runner duck.

The ducks came out to see what was going on and played for a few minutes in the snow.

For a few days this past week, the chickens have been able to venture outside with the slightly warmer temperatures. Yesterday I noticed that they were unusually cranky. They were loud, rambunctious and fighting with each other more than usual. I couldn’t figure out why, until I opened their stall door – then they all fell silent.

My guess is that they were all rowdy as they waited to be let outside, because to them, spring had sprung. They were all stunned into silence when I opened the door and they saw all that white, cold stuff on the ground. Not one chicken ventured out with the ducks. After I let the ducks back in, the chickens quieted down and resolved to the fact that we have six more weeks of winter.


I love freshly fallen snow in the pig pen. It covers up all their mess and smell that a spring thaw brings.

The sheep prefer to be outside-no matter what.



Do your animals like to play in the snow?

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2 Responses to Snow Storm on the Farm

  1. Teresa Mceachern says:

    I like your farm stories. Tks!!!

  2. Mary says:

    I love when you post pictures to go with your stories.

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