Left over spaghetti sauce- Food Waste Friday

Today is the day I air my dirty laundry, or more specifically my dirty fridge. I share with you what food I have wasted by the end of the week as a way to be held accountable for my share of the global food waste epidemic. I hope to inspire you to do buy what you need for the week and perhaps in the end, live a simpler (and maybe an easier on the wallet) life! Check out the website where I stumbled upon this grand idea:The Frugal Girl

This week I seem to have tons of spaghetti sauce left over. At the beginning of last week I remember I had made a big batch of sauce, of which I used only half. Right then I should have put the remaining sauce into the freezer to use later in the month. Instead I kept saying…I’ll use it, which of course didn’t happen. I even saved some pasta but really, who likes crunchy re-heated pasta?

old speghetti sauce

I had a few wins this week. First of all I did not waste any fruit or vegetables aside from the bag of apples that I bought which were already almost soft. I never really looked at the bag at the store, so it is my own fault. They will be made in to applesauce however so they will not be wasted!

I made a tasty quiche (crustless, it takes less time) with some left over stuff. I had tomatoes, onions, broccoli, roasted potatoes, bacon and sausage. I added some cheese and heavy cream and voila a meal!



Look at that potato playing peek a boo. yumm

Look at that potato playing peek a boo. yumm

I hope you had some wins this week.

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5 Responses to Left over spaghetti sauce- Food Waste Friday

  1. kate says:

    Kim: So true about the food waste epidemic – your crustless quiche sounds delicious – would love the recipe or an idea of amounts :)

    Thanks for the great posts!


  2. Farmer Kim says:

    Hey Kate, I will put it up next week for Food Wednesday. It is super easy!

  3. Teresa Mceachern says:

    I look forward to next week’s recipe. I love leftovers. Tks.

  4. Kathy says:

    Just going to ask the same thing about the quiche!

  5. Farmer Kim says:

    leftovers or “general Revue”

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