Guessing Game on the Trail-Cam

Well, this is what we got on the trail camera over the last couple of weeks. It is in a different spot from the pictures previously. It is in the field, across from the barn, facing the pond.

Any guesses as to what we see?




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6 Responses to Guessing Game on the Trail-Cam

  1. ELizabeth says:

    I’m thinking a deer ear and antler?

  2. Farmer Kim says:

    As in Ethan?

  3. Farmer Kim says:

    That is what I guessed as well. The tracks were covered up today because of fresh snow and wind. Perhaps the camera needs to be lower?

  4. Mary says:

    so you are asking us to guess, but you don’t know what the answer is..I feel cheated.

  5. Farmer Kim says:

    I was trying to be funny(ha ha ha). I don’t know what these photos are specifically but I would venture a guess at a hawk’s wing and deer ears. We see both animals around here. I have no idea what the log-looking thing is.

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