Lamb Video 24hours Old

Really, who can resist the ears and all of the cuteness!!

This little guy was born 6 days ago. His mom is Pinky, therefore he gets the name: Whitey.

(Please let me know if you can’t view it. I am not very good with technology)

whitey video day 2

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6 Responses to Lamb Video 24hours Old

  1. Deb says:


  2. kate says:

    so cute :)

  3. ELizabeth says:

    Too cute!!!

  4. Farmer Kim says:

    I know!

  5. Jane says:

    Kim — what a little cutie. Although after reading today’s FB posting about your experience in cooking lamb, the name Lambchops comes to mind. Do love that your kids are growing up knowing their food and where it comes from.

  6. Farmer Kim says:

    Hi Jane. It is funny you mention that about the kids knowing where their food comes from because I was just talking to someone else about that today. I know for a fact that they have a great understanding of what is good for their bodies and the earth. I think that because of all that they see with “the circle of life”, over time I would hope that they appreciate life and are not scared of death.

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