Bear vs. Bee Hive?

Our bee hive was tampered with recently and we are not sure if it was a bear.

I would think that if it was a bear then the whole hive would be destroyed. Also there was honey and honey comb left over in the hive. Wouldn’t a bear take all he could, or at least come back again to make sure it was all gone?

What other animal would tamper with a beehive? A raccoon? A fishercat?

We purchased bees and a hive two years ago but ever since then we have not done much with them. We never even collected any honey. Bees can survive on their own, they don’t need any extra help from humans so we just kind of let them do their thing out in the field. We didn’t even know if they were producing. It turns out that they were producing and producing a lot.

They had outgrown the hive and began to create honeycomb underneath the hive and under the pallet on which the hive was resting on to keep it off the ground.


We think we will wait until next year before we get new bees for the hive. Next time we will make sure there is a secure electric fence surrounding the hive to keep it safe from intruders.

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2 Responses to Bear vs. Bee Hive?

  1. kate says:

    Wow – that’s a lot of honey! Jay just got bees this Spring and is really excited to start bee keeping :)


    PS: don’t want any bears though!

  2. Farmer Kim says:

    All of our bees had died too. I had heard that a lot of bee keepers lost their bees this year because of the cold weather. Good luck Kate!

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