A girl and Some Herding Dogs

Recently we ventured to Wellscroft Fence Systems in nearby Harrisville, NH to get a close up look at their moveable chicken coop. While we were there Lauren decided to play with the dogs…for an hour.


I asked her why she never plays with our dogs like that. She said it was because our dogs were not “trained” like these dogs.


Our dogs love to play fetch.

dogs on dad's couch

I really shouldn’t complain because she was amused and the dogs got some exercise.


Find more info on Wellscroft Fence Systems here. They are EXPERTS on fencing. This coming weekend, they are hosting their once a year “Free Fence Building Clinic”. It is very informative. If you are looking for fencing to keep things inside an area or out of an area, like a garden this is the place to go.

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  1. Farmer Kim says:

    If you received this post via email, sorry for the grammatical error. It has since been fixed here on the website. I guess that is what happens when I write a post early in the morning!

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